Vox Product Logo

As you may know, I’m currently a developer at Vox Media, and a proud member of their Product Team. This is the term we use to describe all of the designers, developers, community/product managers and ops folk that produce the platform that powers SB Nation, The Verge and the upcoming Polygon.

We’ve recently launched a blog to talk about the work we do. I happen to think it’s pretty cool, and you should check it out here.

I wrote one of the inaugural posts entitled Developing with Production Data, which gives a brief overview of a talk I gave at the DC Ruby Users Group in April. Since the post is pretty short, I’ll just say that you should check it out. If you are too lazy for that, the slides are here.

In the future, I’ll probably be writing more for the Vox Product blog, so expect to see some more links back there in the future.

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